Rent a Crapcan Race Car
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Rent a Race Car

The 24 hour crapcan endurance races are now everywhere all across North America at all of the best race tracks, and you want to know how to get in on it.

How will the world ever know what a great race car driver you are unless you can get in on this fastest growing road racing sport in history?

If only you had the time and tools and space to build a $500 race car, you could put together your own crapcan racing team!

Well, now you can enjoy the exciting world of crap can racing without the hassle of building a car, transporting it, and hauling it home.

Now you can "Rent a Crapcan™" race car for all of the newest crapcan racing series to compete in all of their incredible endurance races.

Now you can simply arrive and drive, just like the LeMans racers do. You and your team can fly in, suit up, and enter the world of real wheel-to-wheel racing!

For $5,500 a competitive race car will be there waiting for you and your other drivers fully prepped with a new set of tires. Everything is included - everything but the gas.

Rent a Crapcan!™

Terms and Conditions
Payment to Race Car Owners
  • A 50% security deposit of $2500.00 is paid to you (7) days prior to the scheduled track date via PayPal.
  • The balance of $2500.00 is paid to you (7) days after the scheduled track date via PayPal.
Payment Policies and Procedures
  • A 50% security deposit is required to process any application.
  • Full payment of the balance is due (14) days prior to the scheduled track date.
  • Cancellations prior to (30) days of your scheduled track day event will be refunded, less the 50% security deposit.
  • No cancellations, refunds or rescheduling within (30) days of your scheduled track day event.
  • All events will be held regardless of weather conditions, however, in the interest of safety, there may be exceptions.
  • If your track day event is cancelled, you will be notified ahead of time by the race series organizer.
  • Rental agreements are good for one year from the date of purchase.
  • The full amount will be charged on the credit card on file, unless Rent a Crapcan™ is instructed otherwise.
  • All drivers must declare themselves to be in good health, and not on any medications which would impair their ability and/or judgment while operating a motor vehicle.
  • Customers are required to wear complete safety gear that includes a 2 layered driving suit or better, gloves, helmet, and driving shoes. Your gear must meet current safety standards and be approved by the appropriate racing organization.
  • Customer age requirements are a minimum of 18 years old with a valid driver’s license.
  • Our Rent a Crapcan™ cars are authentic race cars. They are real cars that actually raced on tracks around the world. Therefore there is a size restriction. In order to fit in the car, the driver’s height is a maximum of 6’ 5” (1.95 m) and the maximum weight is 230lbs. (105 kg). The maximum shoe size is 12˝ (46.5 euro). Please contact us for any questions.
Gift Certificates
  • Gift Certificates are neither redeemable for cash nor refundable.
  • Gift Certificates are good for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Gift Certificates can only be used for Rent a Crapcan™ programs.
  • Purchasing a gift certificate does not automatically give you a reservation. You may book your program anytime within one year from the date of purchase. Please contact our customer service agent to book your Rent a Crapcan™ program at 702.617.3300 or
  • The Gift Certificate holder is responsible for any purchase amount over the gift certificate value.
Rent a Crapcan™ Rental Programs Terms & Conditions
  • Reservations are required for all rental programs at Rent a Crapcan™ on a first come, first serve basis. If a Rent a Crapcan™ program date is booked, our reservationist will schedule you for the next date at your convenience.
  • If you fail to attend your scheduled program or “No Show” you will forfeit your program. You may re-purchase your original program, ONLY, at 50% off of the current price.
  • No cancellations, refunds, or rescheduling within thirty (30) days of your scheduled track day event.
  • No refunds.
  • You may reschedule your program outside of thirty (30) days.
  • Gift certificates are transferable with expressed written consent of the original purchaser.
  • No refunds due to inclement weather.
  • Dates and locations are subject to change without notice. Rent a Crapcan™ is not responsible for any travel expenses due to weather related events or change in scheduling.
  • In case of a collision with another vehicle or obstacle, all parties will be responsible for the damage sustained to their vehicle only and to any damage to the race track where the program is being held. Insurance is not available.
Privacy Policy
  • Data Security: Rent a Crapcan™ houses all client data on a separate server and is password and firewall protected and maintained periodically to above industry standards.
  • Information:. No information is sold, copied as per company bylaws. We use information that is voluntarily provided by the client for newsletter updates. The information is also used to inform our clientele of sales and future events.
Rent a Crapcan™ Statement
  • Rent a Crapcan™ operates a race car rental service for various wheel-to-wheel racing entertainment experiences. We cannot control racing venues, mechanical parts failure or inclement weather. Aside from those three events happening, we can assure you that your experience with us will be entertaining, enjoyable and exciting. If you see something to your disliking, please let one of the staff know or request a manager for a resolution to the disposition.
  • The following estimates are guidelines. If one of your people is driving recklessly where rolling the car might even be a possibility, bring him in and have a talk with him. A major crash is a concern. If the car is totaled, the owner will ask you for money, especially if it was your driver's fault. Expect to pay as much as $2500. If the car also burns after the crash, and none of the safety equipment can be salvaged, expect to pay more. If one of your people over-revs and blows up the engine through negligence, the cost will be as much as $500. Make sure everyone knows it's not a demo derby. Rubbing paint or bending a fender is not a big deal. It is up to you and the owner to come to an agreement if you have a problem. Payment can then be settled at the track by you calling us at (702) 617-3300 and giving us your MasterCard or Visa number and the amount agreed upon over the phone. If your drivers race responsibly, there should be no issues. Make sure every driver attends the school for first-timers. Then go out and have fun!
Instructions to Drivers: Team Captains and Corporate Organizers
  • Call or email to reserve a racecar for your team.
  • Enter the race of your choice at the organizer's website.
  • Pay a 50% security deposit of $2750.00 (30) days in advance.
  • Pay the $2750.00 balance (14) days prior to the scheduled track date.
  • Money is held in escrow to insure that your race car is delivered as promised.

Rent a Crapcan!™
Accredited Financial Services
8635 West Sahara Avenue #614
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117-5858
702-617-3300 tel
702-341-1652 fax

Rent Your Race Car

You have a $500 race car that you built and you enter in the crapcan endurance races every year. It costs you many times that for your labor - not to mention the racing seat, harness, rollcage, killswitch, catch tanks, and more.

If only you could find a way to make money racing! You can't enter every race even though you have the car and trailer. You made the time and had the tools and space to build your race car. You now have it fully sorted out so it is fast and reliable. It's too bad there is no way you can get it to pay for itself.

Well, now you can make money on your investment without having to find a sponsor. Let others enjoy the exciting world of crap can racing who don't have your know-how and skills.

Rent out your crapcan race car for all the endurance races near you. Rent it out to accomplished race car drivers who have the money!

Pull your crap can out of the weeds, and let it pay for itself! Hose down your car, put on a fresh set of street tires and slap our decals on the side.

Just let us know you are willing to rent it out, and deliver your race car to a nearby race track to collect $5,000 at every race!


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