Rent a Crapcan Race Car
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Rent a Race Car

The 24 hour crapcan endurance races are now everywhere all across North America at all of the best race tracks, and you want to know how to get in on it.

The world will never discover what a great race car driver you are until you can get in on this fastest growing road racing sport in history!

If only you had the time and tools and space to build a $500 race car, you could put together your own crapcan racing team!

Well, now you can enjoy the exciting world of crap can racing without the hassle of building a car, transporting it, and hauling it home.

Now you can "Rent a Crapcan™" race car for all of the newest crapcan racing series to compete in all of their incredible endurance races.

Now you can simply arrive and drive, just like the LeMans racers do. You and your team can fly in, suit up, and enter the world of real wheel-to-wheel racing!

For $5,500 a competitive race car will be there waiting for you and your other drivers fully prepped with a new set of tires. Everything is included - everything but the gas.

Rent a Crapcan Race Car

Rent a Crapcan!™ Race Car
For the Endurance Races and 24 Hour Races
Springing Up All Over North America

Rent a Crapcan for the next crap can road race. We are not affiliated with the different race series, but we can rent you race cars for all their endurance races. So if you want to drive in one or more of these exciting endurance races throughout North America, rent a crapcan from us! Fill out the form, email us, or call (702) 617-3300. Read this email from the July 23 ChumpCar race in Spokane Washington:
Subject: We did it!
From: Steven Libby
Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 7:35 PM
To: Troy, Jeff, Steven

Troy & Tony, thank you so much for providing us such a great car that allowed us complete noobs to not only finish, but finish 12th! What an absolutely amazing experience I could not be more happy with you guys, your excellent attitude, your knowledge from past races and your willingness to hand the keys over to a group of people you had never met or seen drive. I honestly think that took more guts than anything! You guys did such a great job at keeping us in the race, especially that 3am call about the rear upper shock mount. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys rocked! If you guys are ever over my way in CA running a race, let me know and I'll be there to crew for you. Troy, please make sure Tony gets this and knows just how much we appreciated everything you guys did for us.

Jeff, what else can I say? It was by far the most fun I've (we've) had on 4 wheels in a 24 hour period. Had we done things a bit differently during our first driver stints (ran 45 minute stints so all drivers could get a feel for the track/car before it went dark), we could've been in the top 10 but honestly, my only goal for this race was to just finish….anything else was just icing on the cake. It was a total WIN for our team and we were all very happy with ourselves, the team, Troy & Tony and most of all, the car! That car was a real pleasure to race and exceeded all expectations.

It's an experience we will all remember and thank you for providing this service.


Steve Libby
Team Jackwagon

That's great! I'm so glad you guys all had a great time. It's all about having fun. If you want the same experience as Steve and his Team Jackwagon buddies, let me know. We will set you up with the same car and owner, or another of our dozens of race car owners all over North America.

Jeff Wenger
Jeff Wenger
Head Instigator
"...Rent a Crapcan!"
Accredited Financial Services
8635 West Sahara Avenue #614
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117-5858
702-617-3300 tel
702-341-1652 fax

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Jeff Wenger
Now let's go racing!

Rent a Crapcan!™
Accredited Financial Services
8635 West Sahara Avenue #614
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117-5858
702-617-3300 tel
702-341-1652 fax

Rent Your Race Car

You have a $500 race car that you built and you enter in the crapcan endurance races every year. It costs you many times that for your labor - not to mention the racing seat, harness, rollcage, killswitch, brakes, tires, and more.

If only you could find a way to make money racing! You can't enter every race even though you have the car and trailer. You made the time and had the tools and space to build your race car. You now have it fully sorted out so it is fast and reliable. It's too bad there is no way you can get it to pay for itself.

Well, now you can make money on your investment without having to find a sponsor. Let others enjoy the exciting world of crap can racing who don't have your know-how and skills.

Rent out your crapcan race car for all the endurance races near you. Rent it out to accomplished race car drivers who have the money!

Pull your crap can out of the weeds, and let it pay for itself! Hose down your car, put on a fresh set of street tires and slap our decals on the side.

Just let us know you are willing to rent it out, and deliver your race car to a nearby race track to collect $5,000 at every race!


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